Message from the Vice-Chancellor, NAST

             Prof. Dr. Dilip Subba             Vice-Chancellor

It is my immense pleasure to share that Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Center (NCCKMC) has been established as a wing of NAST. It aims to manage climate change knowledge and support activities of stakeholders engaged in climate change knowledge generation and dissemination. The center dedicates itself for establishing cooperation between governmental and non-governmental institutions active within the country and abroad in order to ensure effective use of knowledge in climate change.

During the past decade alone, the world has experienced unprecedented impacts of climate change in the form of increasing catastrophic events. Therefore, the world community as a whole in general and Nepal, in particular, must take evidence based decision while formulating climate change adaptation policies and plans. I hope that the NCCKMC grows to the level which could generate, manage and disseminate evidence-based knowledge on climate change within Nepal. I expect that the center will build the knowledge-based capacity of the stakeholders and make them able to adapt with the consequences of climate change.

Finally, on behalf of NAST, I welcome any suggestions, advice or proposals for the collaboration to transform the NCCKMC into a national "Center of Excellence".