Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management in Development TA- 7984 NEP Climate Change Knowledge and Research Grant Management, In Partnership with Asian Development Bank (ADB) (2014)

Project status: 

Start date (month/year): February 2014

Completion date (month/year): October 2016 

Narrative Description of the Project

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) understands that the assignment to manage the Climate Change Research Grants Program (hereinafter referred to as Research Grants Program or RGP) is implemented as an activity under the technical assistance project “Mainstreaming climate change risk management in development- TA 7984” (hereinafter referred to as TA 7984) financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and executed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MoSTE). As such the Research Grant Program must contribute to the TA’s expected impact that Nepal has increased resilience to climate variability and climate change and to its expected outcome that the GoN's infrastructure development programs, policies and projects incorporate safeguards to address the effects of climate change.

The Research Grant Program falls under the TA Output 2: Knowledge management tools are developed and applied which aims to strengthen Nepal’s system for generating, managing, and sharing knowledge as an input to make the country climate resilient.  The Climate Change Research Grant Program will contribute to this Output through achieving the following objectives:

  • Design and implement a research grant program that produces high quality research on climate change adaptation issues critical to Nepal’s development;
  • Establish overall grant making procedures including formation of steering and selection committees, setting up a grant framework and process, and administering the application and granting procedures in keeping with NAST and ADB Guidelines;
  • Ensure wide dissemination of research findings, publication of research results in international journals and development of linkages between policy and research.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment

  • Flagship research on climate change issues meeting international research standards designed and driven by Nepali researchers
  • Research results  published and disseminated
  • Nepali researchers enhanced their capacity to produce high-quality studies on multi-disciplinary aspects of the impacts of climate change across the country