Mobile Library Campaign At Bhoteodar, Lamjung

With the aims of creating awareness on climate change and to learn the situation facing by the local community of the place, the Climate Change interaction program was organized at Bhakti Namuna Higher Secondary School, Bhoteodar, Lamjung on April 2, 2012. Altogether there were 80 participants including school teacher, students from class XI and XII, representative from the political parties and local organizations. The program started with the welcome speech from the schoolʹs Principal Uttam Kumar Shrestha. He welcomed the team of Mobile Library Campaign and expressed that such program would be more beneficial to the Students and the community of Lamjung.

Ms Ramila Raut, Chief, Promotion Division, NAST/ Deputy Team Leader of NCCKMC gave the brief introduction of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)/ Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Center (NCCKMC) followed by the academician Dr. Dinesh Raj Bhuju who starts with the introduction of Climate Change, its causes and impacts. After the speech from the Dr Bhuju, the floor was open for the discussion. All the participants along with the student were found to be more enthusiastic and interactive. They put their views and suggestion and also share their local knowledge and experiences they were facing since 30 years in their community.

The students raised questions focusing more in policy matter and their concern was how to take this Climate Change knowledge to the grass root level. The Local people address the impact of climate change in the agriculture field. The whole program was facilitated by the schoolʹs teachers and the interaction within the student in the banners hanged on the roomʹs wall was found to be more interesting and the team tried to clear their concerns and quarries. It was identify that there is need of research and policy should be address and implemented in the community level to identify the real issues and impact of climate change.

The Mobile Library Team donated the publication of NCCKMC which comprised introductory brochure, climate quiz book and 15 flexes on climate change to school. The School Teacher expressed the gratitude and also thanked the team for the cooperation and hopes to have such interaction program in the future too.

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